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Who we are

“Zhyttya i Nadiia” Charity Foundation was initially founded to perform charity work in orphanages mainly in the form of assisting with the social adaptation of orphans and cultivating their abilities so their chances rise and they easily gain an access to educational institutions of Zakarpattia region of Ukraine as well assisting them with the adaption to society after the graduation.

Since 2001 the Foundation has provided Zakarpattia region with volunteer teams from abroad, teachers and other connections to conduct educational programs, summer camps, minor building projects, and annual various charity fund-raising activities. Our work has been performed in the following institutions of Zakarpattia region of Ukraine: state orphanages, Uzhgorod technical school #6, Pallo foster Home, Rankova Zirka foster home, etc.

Current ongoing projects:

  • Weekly English language conversational clubs for adults and teenagers free of charge


  • Weekly educational clubs for children free of charge PHOTOs
  • Roma children feeding program in Rativtsi Roma camp (Uzhhorod district). Approximately 60 children receive hot meal twice a week thanks to this program. The project has been ongoing since 2013


  • Summer camps for disadvantaged children


  • Food parcels for disadvantaged families PHOTOs

Past Projects:

Summer Camp for Disadvantaged Children (summer of 2018)

The project was designed as a two-month summer camp that took place in four shifts, each shift lasting ten working days and involving twelve teenagers most of which were from low-income families. Overall almost 50 children and teenagers were reached through this project. Besides that the basis for weekly educational clubs for children was established.

Each day consisted of two parts – theoretical  and practical. Theoretical sessions focused more on lectures, talks from guest speakers, discussions and trainings, watching short documentaries or films. Training workshops included outdoor educational tours and excursions, mock election events, mock interviews, site visits, meetings with professionals with hands-on practical experiences, such as directors and representatives of various companies. Following topics were discussed during each ten-day shift both on a seminar session and then following training workshop: democratic government, domestic and global issues, non-governmental organizations, disadvantaged groups and human rights, broad-based education, life as a foreigner, health and sanitation, environment and energy efficiency, mass media, agriculture and economy.

The project was based on belief that by working with the youngsters, the future generation, we can forge secure and prosperous future for all Ukrainians, it is a quest to eventually create a more stable and democratic country for all Ukrainians. The aim was to promote active civil society among the young people, which is critical to sustaining democracy. It is a strategic vision of stable Ukraine integrated into Europe.

We received a lot of positive feedback from all our participants, their parents and all the organizations involved. Thanks to all our instructors and canteen Lysychko all teenagers were well fed twice a day both spiritually and physically! We are also very grateful to all the organizations which were our partners in this project: “Blago” charity foundation, “Barbos” animal shelter, “TISA” local TV and radio company, “Sirius” local TV company, “Mercy Farm” social business, Novoselytsia Frontier division, “Rozumnyk” kindergarten, “Davai s nami” youth club, Uzhgorod City Administration and Regional Council.

And our special thanks to Slovak Aid which became the main sponsor of the project – it was a success because it has a lasting effect on the future of Ukraine through changed lives and ongoing programs launched.

Preventive seminars. Uzhhorod, Ukraine  (2009-2015).

Seminars that took place in technical school #6 in Uzhhorod. In cooperation with the school director a team of 6 volunteers conducted interactive weekly talks for teenagers on various subjects, such as abortion, AIDS, love, goal setting, addictions, etc. Approximately 600 young people were reached. 


Summer camps for Roma children (2008-2009).

For number of years we conducted day summer camps for Roma children. Around 100 children were reached through each camp where daily program and catering was provided. The programs included active outdoor games, Bible studies, drama, singing and dancing. Our main partner in this project was EXODUS organization (Ireland) which provided teams of volunteers and financial coverage for the camps in Holmok and Rat villages (Uzhgorod region).   PHOTOs

“Heart of the land” project.  Uzhhorod, Ukraine (summer of 2008).

The main goal of the project was to mobilize local community to take initiative to bring positive changes in culture, relationships, environment. Project also featured a festival in the city center (music program, games, banners, speeches, contests) as well as environmental activities, such as cleaning up the river bed and banks and the pedestrian bridge in the city center. Around 100 volunteers were involved including a music band from NY and municipal authority representatives. PHOTOs+VIDEO